Community Overview

Paradise Key is a charming eco-conscious community in South Jacksonville Beach. It is a stellar location. It is just a few short blocks to the beach access at 37th Ave S with great access to Butler.

Preferred Builders: Glenn Layton and John Ruggeri

Builder Glenn Layton has done the majority of homes in there, and he’s known for his quality of construction and good follow-up. John Ruggeri has also done several beautiful homes in there. The neighborhood is thoughtfully laid out with walking and biking paths as well as charming gazebos. The home style is described as Key West inspired – metal roofs, porches and a little more charm than Northeast Florida is used to.

Here is a link to the official Paradise Key website, that includes videos, and a gallery of home styles.

Paradise Key Homes for Sale

Here is a link to a home we have listed, which gives you a great sense of the types of finish work you can expect.


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