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The Power of & For Buyers:

  • We guide you through the home buying process step by step. Real estate is nuanced, and we are there to support you throughout the transaction.
  • We are well-versed in the neighborhoods and have lived in many of them. And, we are activity within our own communities, serving on a variety of boards. We are happy to connect you to people in your prospective neighborhoods to get the “inside scoop” and guide you to information about the schools etc. And, our blog can give you a sense of what the beaches community is like.
  • We want to get you feeling at home quickly and loving introducing people to friends, activities and organizations.

Here are some tips we compiled after working with, and listening to, numerous buyers as they wound their way through the buying process:


The #1 mistake home buyers make is not getting their financing organized before buying a home. If you plan to finance, get a pre-qualification letter up front and be realistic about what you can afford. Ask who others have used for their mortgages and find out if they are happy. If you need recommendations on a mortgage broker or mortgage banker, let us know. We can provide you with names of professionals with whom we've had successful transactions in the past.

House Hunt

Finding the right home can take time. Our favorite part of the home buying process is getting to know our customers. We love the tour and discovery process. Love trees or hate them? Ok for a fixer or want brand new? Love pools or think they are a maintenance nightmare? Love the sound of children and want good schools? Can’t stand squealing and want to escape?

We will both spend time with you to make sure you find the right spot for you and/or your family.

The Offer

The Northeast Florida Association of Realtors has a standard offer form that is pretty much used universally in our area. Here’s a link to a copy of the contract.

The offer price, is of course up to you, and we support and will champion your offer. We will provide comp data to you to help in making the decision. We are both well versed in the negotiation process and know many of the area agents and hot button issues.

The contract has built in protections for buyers including financing contingencies and inspection contingencies.

Our recommendation on a binder deposit when purchasing a home is 2-3 percent of the purchase price.

A standard close turnaround with a loan is approximately 45 days. Cash turnaround can move as quickly as the seller and title company can get their parts of the deal completed.


There is a built in 10 day home inspection contingency in the Northeast Florida purchase and sale agreement.

The inspection period is your time to really dig into the home and evaluate all areas.

Typically inspections here in Northeast Florida are a general home inspection and a termite or WDO inspection. A general home inspector tests and inspects all major appliances, heating, cooling, mechanical, roof, electrical and plumbing. If there is a well or septic field buyers often get those inspected by a separate inspector. Pool and pool equipment is traditionally inspected by a pool company if the buyer wishes to have this done. Oceanfront property may warrant a soil or environmental assessment. If there are special concerns, some buyers will have a mold inspection.

Ask your friends and neighbors about their experiences and for recommendations. We can provide you a list of frequently used vendors for inspections if necessary, and we will be there with you during all inspections to talk through any possible surprises or concerns.

Once the home inspection is complete, the buyer is entitled to request repairs. This can be a challenging part of the purchase process. Traditionally, buyers should be asking for material issues to be fixed. This is an important time to be reasonable and patient and keep the big picture in sight.


Once home inspections, are complete, the purchase and sale agreement and any amendments are turned over to the title company.

In this area, the seller traditionally selects the title company, because they traditionally pay for the owner’s title insurance. The title coordinator will be given your information, and as the close date approaches, he/she will be in contact.

The title commitment, survey and settlement statement should be delivered a few days before closing for your review. The title company will provide you with wiring instructions for completing the transaction.

If there are concerns or questions, we are happy to refer you to a real estate attorney for a more thorough review.

Rarely are there issues, but it's important for you as the buyer to see that any requested repairs have been made and nothing of significance has changed in the home since the offer.

Day of closing. If you are remote, the title company can easily do a mail away. If you are local, we’ll be there with you at the closing table. With cash transactions, you will be in and out in 15 minutes. If you are doing a loan, you’ll have a few more documents to sign and will need to wait for the funds from the mortgage company to clear. Typically it goes smoothly, and if there are bumps, don’t worry. Most things can be resolved.

Time To Celebrate

You have your keys. Go on over there and have fun.

If you need a list of contractors, cleaning services, or want tips about the area, we are here for you. Connecting people is one of the things that brings us the most joy. We are here for you!

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