Sick of the Beach? Summer Loving Links

By Willow Logue

Since we live at the beach I never go. Instead, I choose to waste away summer inside, losing hours upon sunny hours in the deep web.  Here are seven things worth passing on:

Peaches, Peaches

Have you had all the peaches at Trader Joes? I buy a box a week. I love peach season so much once I had the wonderful problem of having Trader Joes Jacksonville Beachtoo many and made this delicious pie from Smitten Kitchen.

Dorm Decor

It’s that time of year when kids are preparing to leave for college. If you have one leaving or just want some bedroom refresh ideas, this post by Emily Henderson is a great starting point.

Job Interviews

Speaking of school starting soon and new beginnings, if you are interviewing or being interviewed these tips from Camille Styles are a helpful reminder of what not to do.

Lady Humor

The Hannah Gadsby comedy special on Netflix was hot topics in entertainment in July. Not really a comedy but a discourse on being female now. Not for everyone, I found it powerful, my uncle thought it preachy.

The most talked about book in my circle has been “How Hard Can it Be” by Allison Pearson. I found it to be both super cliche and very true. An easy beach read with a very relatable heroine.

Home Decor

If all the construction in Ponte Vedra has you feeling house envy and itching to renovate check out this budget remodel for inspiration in Winter Park.

Summer of Drake. Umm..Who is Kiki?

It’s the summer of Drake but Kiki is getting people in trouble. Warning: if you watch the video the song will be with you for HOURS.





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