Nice Gains in the A-Ratings for Duval County Schools

St Johns County gets regular kudos for its A-Rated schools. It’s nice to see neighboring Duval County make strides and get some accolades. The Duval County School District just released a press release regarding school ratings, and the Florida Times Union did some analysis, that includes a handy database you can use to search on a particular school name.

Duval County Schools maintain an overall B rating, and they saw a nice increase in A-rated schools, with an increase from 28 to 41 in A-rated schools.

Duval County School Board member for District 2 , Scott Shine, posted the below handy chart on Facebook of his district rankings. Just up the street, Atlantic Beach Elementary, Neptune Beach Elementary, Jacksonville Beach Elementary, and Fletcher Middle School all maintained a nice A rating, and Fletcher High School moved from a C to a B.



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