Parenting Teens

By Willow Logue, Focus Editorial Team

When the kiddos were younger there were a ton of magazines and articles about the different stages of parenting.

  • Have a baby? Then read up on breast-feeding versus bottle, co-sleeping, and sleep training.
  • Toddler? Immerse yourself in stories on how to handle the terrible two’s, potty training, or finding the right day-care or preschool.
  • Elementary? Plenty of information out there on navigating new friendships, setting good habits, and healthy eating or exercise.

But parenting advice for  teenagers is harder to come by and seems to fall into two categories (though I am probably grossly generalizing based on my experience).

In category one you have the get help for your out of control teen advice. And then in category two you have the advice books on how to get into Harvard.

Recently though, we’ve seen a shift, with more on-line outlets talking about just the daily life of having older kids and issues they/you/we might be experiencing. Personally, I find the articles on goop to be fascinating. This one on teen sex definitely made me think. Mother Magazine also does a good job of talking about teens. This recent article on girls self-esteem was a good reminder that the road of parenting doesn’t end in elementary school.

Closer to home, the Ponte Vedra High School PTO is starting a Community Program Series for parents.

The first one “Preparing students for the long run by parenting them to be GRITTY: resilient, perseverant, resourceful, and self-reliant.” presented by Edward C. Taylor, PH.D.P.L.  will be Tuesday, November 15th from 5:30-7pm in the Media Center. For details, click here.

Any other recommended reads?




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