A hamster house for $10? Free classifieds? Say what?

hamster cage

So sad to see you go, Hillbilly and Joe

Our sweet dwarf hamsters Hillbilly and Joe have crossed the bridge into hamster heaven. What a great opportunity for us to introduce our classifieds section. The market may already be saturated with classifieds, but it was easy enough to add to the site. So, we figured why not? We’ll give it a shot and see how it goes. If it ends up filling with spam, we’ll just take them down. Blogging…so simple.

Here’s a link to our first classified ad courtesy of my boys:  Hamster Hotel and Ball. It comes with the above and some bedding and food. All for the low price of $10. I evened washed it out. 😉

If you are looking for a sitter or nanny, have a job you want to advertise, or something you want to get rid off — check out the new classifieds board. It’s free to use. Don’t abuse it and ruin it for everybody. Oh, and we have forums now too. We’ll introduce those soon.

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